Tumbas wins Secret Identities Contest

Over at Angry Aisan Man, there have been announcements of the winners of the Secret Identities Superhero Contest. For those of you who do not know about Secret Identities, it is the very first Asian-American superhero anthology. The creative team behind Secret Identities include New York Times best-selling author Jeff Yang; independent comics creator Jerry Ma; comics education specialist Keith Chow, and actor Parry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow) team up to edit Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology, the first-ever graphic novel collection of original stories exploring the universe of masked marvels and caped crusaders from the perspective of the nation's fastest-growing and most dynamic emerging community.

One of the finalists in the Secret Identities Contest is Tumbas, written by Rochell Reyes, as drawn by Jef Castro. According to the Angry Asian Man post regarding the description of Tumbas:

John Reyes is an ordinary 15-year-old Filipino American surfer kid from the San Diego coast. His name and complexion -- and the fact that he lives right next to the America's southern border -- often leads people to mistake him for Mexican. On the other, he's also often asked if he's Hawaiian, Samoan, Chinese, and at least one time, Egyptian. His ambiguous ethnic identity would be a source of irritation for many, but John has learned to take advantage of it, to fit in, or even disappear, as needed.

That skill at camouflage may be a legacy of his father, Marco Reyes, a 15-year veteran of Army military intelligence who recently was reported dead after a covert mission in Afghanistan; although the Army was unable to recover Marco's body, his unit's commanding officer has stated that the circumstances of Marco's death make it impossible that he might have survived.....

John has inherited and is learning to use his father's superhuman strength and paranormal vision; Marco Jr., unnatural speed and the power to blend into the shadows. Fueled by rage at their deceased father (enhanced by the lies he's been told by his late mother's family), Marco Jr. has made it his goal to destroy Lt. Reyes's name; John, meanwhile, adopts the alias "Tumbas" (which means "equal" in Tagalog), John goes on a mission to stop his half-brother and clear his father's reputation -- while discovering the truth about the side of Marco Reyes that neither he nor his mother ever knew.

I've been following the news and press on Secret Identities and I have been tempted to buy a copy in the past months. Growing up, I never had issues with the lack of Asian superheros because I had Captain Barbell, Darna, Panday, and Kamandag. Tumbas seems like it is a great addition to Pinoy superheros and Secret Identities. I'll probably order a copy when Tumbas gets featured on the latest issue of Secret Identities and hope all of you will check it out by supporting Rochell Reyes's creation. The Edited Description above is only a portion of what Tumbas is about. For more information regarding Tumbas please go to Angry Asian Man and Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology.

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